martes, 23 de octubre de 2012


I didn't even hesitate while writing the title.
Ugh. Ugh. UGHHHH.JHBFHYBERFBREBIEUFHBEIJE2URU389^%$$#@$$%^&*(*&%$#%$#!!!!
Woo. I needed that out. See, I'm failing school. Well, that's a little bit dramatic. I'm not failing, failing. My grades are just not what I expected. My Math exam is a nightmare, my Physics exam is crappy and I just found out that I failed the Biology exam as well. I'm doing a gigantic effort to not curse right now.
I just feel this knot in my chest... disappointment. Fear as well, since mom is going to be pissed. But hey, I deserve it. I'm not in denial or anything. I know I should've studied more. I'm disappointed in myself because I'm so stupid! Is October, almost November. I'm almost out! What the f-heck am I doing being all lazy?! I'm telling you, laziness... is strong. Though I'm done. I need to grow up and that means that I need to take responsibility for my actions. I'll tell mom about my lousy grades (when I'm brave enough) and try to listen to her scold patiently, with dignity and without giving any lame excuses.
I'm just really down... I'll get by, though.

Ana Vi

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