domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2012


"AFS is a non-profit international exchange organization for students and adults that operates in more than 50 countries."

 I'm really interested in going in an exchange with this organization. It's and exciting possibility. Right now the odds of me going in an exchange on February are big! The plan is me going to France for six months. My mind is made up. If the opportunity comes I'll take it without hesitating.
 The thing is, I'M F*CKING SCARED.
 Of course I want to go to France, who doesn't? But I know I'll get homesick. I've never been away from my family for more than two weeks, and really, I'd be in another continent. Me rambling about this doesn't mean-

*OH! 9:09 pm. MAKE A WISH!*

-I'm not sure of what I want, because I am. I want this, and I know it's what's best for me and my future.
 I want to work in translation, so I need to speak several languages. So far I speak Spanish and English, and I'm still working on French. That's why I want to go to France (besides cute, french boys and food of course).  Mom is really sad. Not because she doesn't want me to go, but because she'll miss me. Just as much as I'll miss her.
 I bet you're thinking: "Wow, what a baby."  I should explain myself better then.
 My mom is my best friend. She's beautiful, smart, caring, loving, responsible and has a hell of a temper. I wrote "responsible" in italics because after loving, responsible is everything a parent should be. When a parent it's not responsible, well... we're screwed. Thank God, of my two parents, one of them is. Long story. Talk about that later. Not worth ruining my night. Ugh.
  She's way cooler than any average mom. She listens to me, gives me advice, and makes me feel like I'm strong and beautiful, at least to her. Of course, she's not flawless. Who is? But I wish I was half the woman she is.

 So yes, I'm scared. I really want someone to say: "Hey! French people rock. You'll get friends, and you'll get along with your exchange family, and the experience is going to be great. Everything will be fine, really."
 No one can actually say it, I'll just have to find out... right? 

 By the way, I actually have an exchange student at my place right now. Her name is Silva and she's Finnish. Thank God we clicked right away, so she really became a sister to me. She's been here since February and is leaving on next January. Take a look:

Then there's mom :

<3 <3 <3 <3

  That's all the blogging I'm doing today. Good night.

Ana Vi 

New Blog. New Post.

 Blogger has really been a pain in the ass lately. I had to delete my last blog because... it wouldn't let me do anything I wanted! I couldn't add gadgets, I could barely find my posts... Jeez.  
 So I decided I would delete that one and create a new one. I must've done something wrong the last time, so I'm starting over :)
 Like on the old blog, I should warn whoever is reading this that my life is not what you could say... exciting. I'm not a poet, not a badass, not a girl that has an unreal romantic life and wants to share it with the world.
 There are things that sometimes I want to say out loud, but can't. I somehow know the range of people I can trust in is very limited, so I decided I would write it here. A blog. One nobody I know (or that I care that knows about the blog) will read. 
 I'll just write... and be me. 

                NAHH. Just kidding ;)

                                That dorkish girl with the creepy smile... that one IS me.

Ana Vi